Let me spin you a yarn.

Having graduated in 2013 with a double major in Liberal Studies & Digital Media, I was accepted into Canada's top project-based postgraduate program for digital media theory and praxis — Vancouver's Master of Digital Media — where I collaborated on successful solutions with clients in film, video games, and television, through an integrated approach to project management, communications, and experience design.

Eager to build on my developing leadership skills and nurture an emerging interest in social innovation, I began an internship with THNK School of Creative Leadershipa socially-conscious answer to international business education, combining McKinsey-grade enterprise support with Stanford-inspired design thinking in order to envision and create systemic change across global paradigms.

After ten intense months at THNK, I decided to invest in a decade-long dream: attending Schumacher College, an internationally-acclaimed institution for transformative learning on issues relating to paradigmatic sustainability and societal transformation. I wrote my dissertation on the role of vision in design—specifically, how design might learn from the literary and aesthetic art of 'mythopoeia' in order to achieve desirable futures—citing the contemporary example of solarpunk as a case study.

After moving to London to lead marketing and communications at The UCL Academy, I now conduct direct marketing efforts at The RSA in their Fellowship Team—planning, delivering and testing the performance of targeted email campaigns to Fellows across the UK as part of our national membership events strategy.