AstroNomNom is an action-puzzle game for web, starring the ravenous astronaut fish Hangry as he attempts to eat all the planets in his galaxy while avoiding an army of robot sharks.

What if we took 'big fish eats little fish' into space... with robots?

That was the question which started AstroNomNom: a game where the entire objective is to grow big enough to eat the very galaxy you're inhabiting, thereby causing a black hole—and also somehow moving to the next level. Morality tale? Probably not.

My responsibilities on this project were product management, marketing and external relations, documentation, initial gameplay, and sound production.

As with Enso, I created the name and managed much of the vision around AstroNomNom, producing sound assets for the team when needed, and spearheading the marketing effort with pitch writing and presentation, competitive analysis and channel research, along with risk assessment.