Our team designed and prototyped a vertical slice of gameplay in collaboration with a private client, whose goal was to extend their reach into new markets while retaining the excitement and immersion their IP is known for.

As project manager, I worked closely with the team's technical and creative directors in order to build clear communication channels, create a pipeline and check-in system between our client and the team, and to build a team culture of hard work, mutual respect and creative risk-taking.

My greatest lesson from this project arose when I realized my initial attitude of extreme professionalism with our client was unnecessary, and in fact detrimental to our relationship. Gradually, I learned that if I based my confidence on the team, rather than on myself, our work would convey itself in a more compelling and unified way, and our respect for each-other would grow.

This experience taught me that putting trust in a collaborative process, and faith in a creative one, is one of the most effective ways to lead a team.